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feel free to contact us at Real estate is expensive, and prices are soaring. You will more than likely take out a loan to buy or build a home. You can do this for you to address to banks, but also insurance companies or a social objective institution, such as the various housing companies.

When you take out a mortgage, the bank will mortgage your home. This means that your home is used as security for the loan. The bank has the certainty that it will recover its money if you are not able to repay your loan.

In exchange of the loan, you will not only pay the principal but also pay interest. You can partially recover these expenditures through the tax benefits of a mortgage and insurance related to it.

If you meet certain criteria, you come into consideration for a social loan (cheap).

If at the time of purchase, you have not contracted loan, you can request a sales agreement with a suspension clause. In this case, the sale will not take place if you do not get your loan. The seller is however not required to accept this formula.

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